How to service your Hot Tub after a flood

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flooded-back-yardTake Pictures and Prepare Insurance Information

Email these photos to your insurance agent.  Take photos of the spa from all angles.

Be sure the Power is Off

Turn off the power to the unit. Turn off the circuit breaker. If the spa is 120v, unplug it from the outlet.  Then if you have any questions or concerns, contact a professional electrician.

Assess the Damage

Check for burn marks and places that may show corrision. Replace anything that looks damaged. Contact us to complete any repair - we have access to all parts no matter the make or model.
Here is a list of parts that can be affected by water damage:
  • Spa Packs
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Ozonator

Dry the Hot Tub

zep-mold-stain-and-mildew-removerBefore you even think about turning on the power, all the equipment must be completely dry.

If some of the electrical equipment is wet, a power surge can damage it further. Use a shop vac to remove any excess water in any of the compartments. Immediately spray the insides with a Mold and Mildew remover.

Leave the door to the equipment area open with a fan blowing inside during dry days to allow moisture to evaporate, and prevent mildew. After it is dry, spray it again with mildew remover - and dry again.

Sauna Maintenance Tips

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hydrocare-sauna-maintenance-tipsThese easy-to-perform maintenance routines will keep your sauna inviting, fresh and enjoyable.

Tip #1:

Keep a brush near the sauna door; a small hand brush works best.  When the last person leaves the sauna, dip the brush in the water bucket, and do a quick scrub of the benches, walls, and backrests.  This quick and simple step keeps the sauna looking great. 
If you do not follow this tip regularly consider using a sauna wood cleaning kit with Bacterinol, or paraffin oil.

Hot Tubs Can Freeze

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If you don't use your hot tub in the winter the best plan is drain and winterize your tub.  However, if you enjoy  soaking on a cold winter night then here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Temperatures can dip fast and uncirculated water can freeze fast-Keep the water circulating
  • Keep the cover snug
  • Make sure your water stays between 100-104 degrees
  • Hot water can last 2-3 day if covered tightly
  • Check your insulation in the cover and around the tub panels before the first big freeze

Patio's Make Great Living Spaces

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Extend your home's beauty and functionality by making your patio an additional living space. Below are a few tips that, combined, will be a sure fire way to take your patio from drab to fab.

First ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will your patio be for beautiful summer evening dinner parties with family and friends?
  • Will your dining be followed with relaxing by the fire? Is that fire focal point a fireplace or a group of chairs resting casually around a fire pit?
  • What type of lighting do you envision? Tall freestanding oil torches? Strands of classic party lights? Candle lanterns?

That covers the evening entertainment but what happens during the day?
  • How about a comfy spot to sit in the sun?
  • Do you want a shaded retreat?
  • What about music?

As you can see a lot of thought goes into basic functionality. Once you decide the use of the space its time to carve out those different areas.

Think atmosphere: fun, classic, indoor decor spilling out

Furniture, plants and lighting can all be used to create borders between spaces

Make it comfortable and inviting with rugs, fabrics, and pillows

No matter how you choose to use your outdoor living space Hot Tub will be the perfet completion to the end of the day.  Contact Hydrocare Pools and Spas for a quote.

Should you tile your pool or spa?

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pool-tile-installation-and-repair-ctWhat are the Benefits of Tiles?

If you are looking for a high end look to your pool, adding tiles is the way to go. Tiles are a premium upgrade becaus of their durability and appearance.  Also, if you compare tiles to vinyl, tiles are more durable and easier to clean and require less maintenance.

There are two types of tiles used as pool tiles.  There are ceramic and glass tiles.  They are usually under 100mm in size. They have a mesh backing forming a sheet around 300 x 300mm in size. Over the past 15 years, glass have gained in popularity.  Because they are made from glass, there are no pores as do ceramic tiles.  This means the manufacturers need to include latex additives so they stick to the pool.  Because of the added manufacturing processes, they are more expensive then ceramic pool tiles.