How to eliminate the mildew smell.

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smelling-armpitsKeeping your hot tub covered for long periods of time can produce a musty or mildew smell on your cover after a time.

That’s why it’s important to keep your cover clean and free of these odors.

To help prevent this mildew smell, use a small amount of bleach (10%) added to water (90%) and wipe down the bottom of the hot tub cover every 60-90 days. This will help prevent your cover from getting that musty smell that everyone dislikes.

How to close your hot tub for winter

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Steps to Prepare and Winterize Your Hot Tub

If you are heading South for the winter or if you want to close your tub, follow these simple steps.  If you take the time now, your hot tub will be ready for the sprintime.

If you do not have time, please call us and we'll stop by and close your tub or pool for you.  We service your areas.  Contact us today.

Pre-Clean the Hot Tub

  1. Be before emptying the hot tub, add a degreaser to remove oils from skin and bath products. These can build up in the pipes and jets.  Do this at least one day before you clost your hot tub.
  2. Insert an underwater pump into the tub to remove old spa water

Clean All the Vents and Filters

  1. Extract the filter cartridge from the hot tub skimmer. Be sure to clean all around the skimmer.
  2. Give us a call HydroCare for the best cleaner and soak the filter in water mixed with a filter cleaner to dissolve oils and built-up sediment. Rinse well and set aside. 
  3. Remove any remaining water with a shop vac.
  4. Replace the cartridge filter into the skimmer.

Cleaning Tips for Your Hot Tub

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Tips From Hydrocare Pools And Spas To Help Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

The hot tub vinyl cover is best cleaned and conditioned by following this step-by-step method:
  1. remove the cover and spray it lightly with a garden hose to loosen any dirt or debris that might have accumulated.
  2. using a mild soap solution (1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid with 2 gallons water) or baking soda, scrub the vinyl in a circular motion with a large sponge.
  3. Promptly rinse with a garden hose. Rinse the bottom of the cover (do not use soap), and wipe it clean with a dry rag.

HINT: Shower without soap prior to entering the spa, and use only the rinse cycle when laundering your bathing suit, helps avoid detergent and soap residue in the spa water.

To clean the hot tub insert or shell, get a mild non-abrasive, non-foaming cleaner and a very soft rag or nylon scrubber.  Use these to remove dirt build-up.

Use baking soda for minor surface cleaning.

Spa pillows can be removed and cleaned by following the instructions in your Owner's Manual.

Clean Your Hot Tub Filter Cartridges

Your spa filter cartridges can become clogged with mineral particles or calcification from hard water.  This may result in reduced water flow.

We recommend that you clean your filter cartridges every month. Using a garden hose, spray each cartridge and rotate while spraying to thoroughly remove any debris lodged between the filter pleats. Contact us for the best Filter Cleaner products that match your filter.

Your filters should be replaced every three years with replacement filters from Hydrocare Pools and Spas.

Spring is Springing!

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Spring is almost here! (Even though there is 12" of snow still in my back yard) It is time to think of opening that pool!

Last year I opened my pool on March 16th here in Connecticut. My 12 year old son, who likes to work with me during the summer on pools, decided to have the neighborhood kids over for a swim the next day. He knows how to set a Jandy Aqualink from working with me, so he decided to turn on the pool heat to 88 degrees! I saw the steam floating into the atmosphere from a mile down the road! :)

The point is, THAT IS GREAT! All the kids had a blast and that is why we have a pool, to enjoy it!

Open the pool as early as possible. Who wants to stare at a pool cover? So what you are not going to swim. Go sit by the pool and feel the warm sun, read a book, barbecue, enjoy the outdoors! A pool is for more than swimming.

Also, the water is still cold so algae will not grow as easy. You can cut back on the amount of hours you run the filter and use less chemicals. In fact it costs less to open the pool early since the water quality is much better earlier in the season. It will probably cost you less overall and give you an extra two months to enjoy your backyard, your pool, your quality time, and most importantly, your family.

For more information, or for help opening your pool, visit our website

Selecting patio furniture covers

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UmbrellaOutdoor waterproof patio covers are important to help extend the life of your outdoor furniture.

Even though you may be comfortable leaving your patio furniture unprotected during the warmer months, the truth is each season of the year poses different threats to your outdoor furniture. Morning dew and insect pollination during Spring, that un-forcasted shower or intense sun in Summer, the weight of Autum leaves and snow during the Winter months, all leave you outdoor furniture exposed differently.

When choosing a cover for your outdoor patio furniture, it is important to understand the components that make the cover strong enough to withstand the varing elements.

Here’s what to look for when choosing covers for your outdoor furniture: