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When to buy a used hot tub.

Posted in Pool & Spa News Blog

If you are looking to purchase a hot tub, should you look at buying a used hot tub?

Know the person or dealer you are buying from...

2 out of 3 people would buy a used tub, especially if they knew the person. You'll find used spas and hot tubs on craigslist and local papers by dealers and home owners.  Of course we are here to help - if you have any question about a tub, Contact Us.

Buy from a Friend you Trust

If you have a friend who is generally "clean" it may be worth while to look into their used spa. Some people suggest never doing business with friends if you want them to stay that way.  But, if you trust them,  you will help them out and get a hot tub at a good price.

Buy from Some Guy Online

This is risky.  CraigsList ads are from dealers and not someone trying to dump their tub.  Check them out.  If you are close, take a look at the spa, and if it looks good call Northcoast Spa & Hot Tub and we'll do a systems check on spa.  We can also schedule a move and set up or any repairs if needed.

How much will a used hot tub cost?

For tubs under 10 years old, you should expect to pay about 50% of the retail cost - maybe more for a newer model.  If any of the systems (i.e. cover, shell, skirt, pumps, blowers) look worn, take another 15% off what they are offering.


Moving an Hot Tub may not be easy.  Depending upon where it is coming from, and where it is going, moving a spa can be difficult.  If you are moving from an existing home, you need to determine how to get it out.  When initially installed, an home owner may have had to use a crane to place it on a deck.  Check this before you commit.  Note: an 8 foot hot tub may hang over normal trailers and be too large for typical dollies.   Hot tubs can weigh over 500 pounds.

Moving a spa indoors may present more challenges.  Steps, doorways, corners have to be considered before you buy.  Because a dealer like Northcoast has installed thousands of hot tubs - they have just about "seen everything."

Deep Cleaning a Used Spa

After buying a used hot tub you will need to disinfect and clean it.  Fill the spa with water, then super-chlorinate with a granular spa shock product.  After the water circulates for at least 4 hours, use a purge product such as Tub Rinse to strip off hidden bacteria and biofilms from the pipes and hoses.

Drain the spa after this treatment, and clean it using a cleaning product made for spas.  Do NOT use household cleaners.  Refill and adjust the Alkalinity, Hardnes and pH.

If you purchase a used hot tub and need assistance with delivery, installation, repair, or cleaning, please contact us.