When do you need a new pool liner?

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A vinyl pool liner lasts about 9 to 11 years given proper care and maintenance.  Over time, weather and chemicals will cause deterioration.  Pool liners can be expensive to replace.  But with Hydrocare, we minimize your expense.

Repair vs Replace

Often, if caught in time, damage to a pool liner can be repaired.  It does depend on a a few factors.  With liners under 3 years old, repair should be considered.  Consider where the pool liner is damaged.  If there is a leak or damage near cutouts (e.g. around a skimmer or return jet), these are not usually repairable. Damage near the liner's bead or plastic fittings are difficult to repair.

Slippage and Stretching

If the liner is slipping out of the track, and you can't move it back, the liner may be stretching.  Given enough time, a vinyl liner will loose its elasticity.  If this happens, it is difficult to keep the liner in its track. This will cause water to drain from the pool and form wrinkles in the vinyl.  A loose liner around the skimmer or pump are also bad signs.  Stretched liners cannot be repaired, so they should be replaced.


Harsh ultraviolet rays and chemicals will cause liners to deteriorate. If you see cracking or tears, your pool is likely leaking water.  Leaks through small holes or cracks can't be seen by simple inspection. Watch the water level for about a week. If the water line drops more than an inch, you probably have a leak somewhere in the liner.

Water Loss

Modern vinyl pool liners resist tears and punctures, but they are possible. If you can't find the leak and don't replace the liner, your pool will continue to leak water.  This can wash out the supporting backfill behind the walls and lead to corrosion of the pool walls.  It will also away sand beneath the pool causing sink holes.

Hydrocare should be your first call to inspect, repair or replace your liner.

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