Sauna Maintenance Tips

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hydrocare-sauna-maintenance-tipsThese easy-to-perform maintenance routines will keep your sauna inviting, fresh and enjoyable.

Tip #1:

Keep a brush near the sauna door; a small hand brush works best.  When the last person leaves the sauna, dip the brush in the water bucket, and do a quick scrub of the benches, walls, and backrests.  This quick and simple step keeps the sauna looking great. 
If you do not follow this tip regularly consider using a sauna wood cleaning kit with Bacterinol, or paraffin oil.

Tip #2:

Ocassionally move the duckboards off the floor.  and open the sauna door open to completely air it out.  The heat from in the rocks and in the wood will dry the sauna after a couple of hours.

Tip #3:

Use the hand brush with warm water and a mild detergent to remove dirt or sweat stains.  This will keep your sauna looking good for years.  You may also want to lightly sand your benches once a year; making them look brand new. If mold develops, you can clean with bleach and a Bacterinol sauna cleaner.

Tip #4:

Do not use paint, varnishing or staining the interior parts of the sauna with any normal paint or varnish. The wood must breathe.  Any artificial finishes can create a much hotter surface or possible fumes from the wood treatment.

Tip #5:

Depending on how often you use your sauna, it may help to occasionally wet mop the floor using a liquid deodorizing cleaner.