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Waterbury Spas & Hot Tubs

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waterbury-why-hereAquatic services for Waterbury CT. 

HydroCare sells a range of products and provides value based services:

  • Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Openings and Closings
  • Sauna Repairs
  • Pool Liner Replacements
  • Pool Tile and Coping Repairs
  • Certified SwimEx Technicians
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Heater Repairs
  • Spa, Hot Tub, and Jetted Bathtub Service and Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Supplies and Accessories
  • Pump, Motor, Filter, and Equipment Repairs
  • Pool & Spa Automation

The City of Waterbury is the fifth largest city in the state and the ninth largest in New England.  It is located in the region's geographic center, at the intersection of Interstate 84 and state Route 8.

The City has a variety of regional retail, commercial, health and education services.  Besides being close to HydroCare service professionals, the City is truly water abundant because it owns and manages its own water system that includes over 7,000 acres of watershed property, reservoirs, dams and filtration facilities.

The City is a great place to live, work and relax in a Nordic Hot Tub. With the presence of a skilled and educated workforce, affordable real estate, and the convenience and culture of city life balanced by the nearby rural beauty of the countryside, Waterbury continues to draw interest from investors and developers who see the City as a center for quality of life.