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HydroCare Pools & Spas

Our Mission is to provide quality products and services to a specialized clientele in a low pressure family environment. We will only accept as much business as we can comfortably manage while keeping our core values of quality and personalized service.

Hydrocare is more adapt than our competitors at the many technological advances in the pool and spa industry. This is due to Jonathon DeMichiels 30 plus years of experience. While advanced technology's are wonderful, more importantly, they must match the consumer's needs. Once you take the time to understand the technology you are better suited to make recommendations.

Canton, CT Hot Tub Sales & Service

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Canton is only 15 miles down the 202 from our office. 

Hydrocare Pools and Spas services all of Canton CT (zip code: 06019).  We provide SwimEx Pools for Canton, New Hot Tubs for Canton. 

After a trail ride on your bike from Banidorm Bikes, take a soak in your hot tub.  Or burn some calories with one of Hydrocare's SwimEx tub.

You may need a bit of hydrotherapy after sparring at Yu Martial Arts.  Be sure to stretch!

We recommend a Retreat 5 Person tub if you live in Canton - contact us to find out our discounts.

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