Swimming Pool and Spa Heater Repairs

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Pool-heater-repair-professionalsSwimming pool heaters are the most complicated type of pool equipment.

Repairs to pool heaters must be performed by qualified personnel. Gas, solar, electric or oil - Hydrocare repairs any and all types of heaters.

Here is a list of common symptoms and questions:
  • My heater will not ignite.
  • The pilot won't light?
  • Heater won't reach the desired temperature?
  • The heater cycles on and off before it reaches the desired temperature?
  • Why do I need to frequently relight my pilot?
  • I hear "clicking" or "sparking," but my heater will not ignite.
  • The heater is leaking water.
  • The heater appears to leak only when the burner is lit.....
  • Heater top blackened and/or emitting dark exhaust?
  • The heater has damage due to excessive heat. Why?
  • I have rust returning into my pool?
  • My heater makes a whistling noise.
  • What should my heater be installed on?
  • How much fuel does my heater use?
  • How can I save on my heating costs?
From simple small component repair to complete energy efficient system changes and upgrades, contact Hydrocare - servicing all of Connecticut.

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