New Haven, CT 06511 Hot Tubs & Pools

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new-haven-fireworksNew Haven Pools and Spas from Hydrocare.

Home sales are increasing in New Haven, CT.  If you are looking to improve the value of your home, buy a hot tub from Hydrocare Pools & Spas.  New Haven pools can be purchased from Hydrocare along with your New Haven Hot Tub. 

The city of New Haven is an excellent place to raise your family and there is no better way to keep them healthy than with a Pool or Hot Tub from Hydrocare.

Every healtcare professional knows the value of soaking in a Hot Tub from Hydrocare.  New Haven Health care centers around the Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH).  They are one of the nation's top 10 medical centers and a world-renowned teaching facility.

New Haven, its name declaring a new haven from religious oppression, was settled by a company of English Puritans in 1638. The group, led by the charismatic Reverend John Davenport, had originally called their settlement Quinnipiac, after the local Native American tribe of that name, but changed the town's name to New Haven in 1640.  During its foundation, there were no hot tubs or pools, but if Hydrocare was around then, John Davenport would have his hot tub serviced by Hydrocare.