Portland CT Luxury hot tubs and spas

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portlandCTHydroCare Pools and Spas helps residence of this beautifully scenic and historically significant area relax after a long day on one these quarry golf courses in their personal luxury hot tub or spa.  Or maybe you have been jogging the nature trails and want to keep the sweat going.  We also offer full service sales and repair for any make or model sauna.  Hydrocare Pools and Spas services the entire Connecticut area.

The first European-Americans came to the Portland area in the 1650's, the first being James Stanclift, an English stonecutter. They were drawn by the availability of brownstone, a valuable resource for construction and for gravestones. The close proximity of the river to these brownstone quarries made the transportation of cut stone affordable. This resulted in a number of flourishing family businesses, that eventually consolidated into three major partnerships.The quarries remain as a scenic natural resource, reminiscent of Portland's past. Ship-building has been replaced by marinas. Geological mining sites are now preserved within a beautifully sculpted 18 hole golf course.