Sprague CT Hot Tubs, Pools, Services

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sprague-sealSpa, Pool, Sauna Services for Sprague, CT. 

HydroCare sells a range of products and provides value based services to all the residents for Sprague:

  • Pool Tile and Coping Repairs
  • Sauna Repairs
  • Pump, Motor, Filter, a
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Openings and Closings
  • Certified SwimEx Technicians
  • Spa, Hot Tub, and Jetted Bathtub Service and Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Supplies and Accessories
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Heater Repairs
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance
  • Pool Liner Replacements
  • nd Equipment Repairs
  • Pool & Spa Automation

Sprague consists of three villages, Baltic, Hanover, and Versailles, and still maintains much of the turn-of-the century mill town flavor for which it is noted. While horses continue to graze in open fields, children play baseball at Babe Blanchette Field, and several businesses buzz, one can almost hear the clack of the looms from the departed textile mills. Although the past is ever present, implementation of an expanded infrastructure and economic development projects are underway and the dream of establishing a business park in the Town's industrial area is becoming more of a reality. The Town is committed to quality of life for residents, responsible growth, and maintaining the delicate balance between economic development and preservation of rural and agricultural assets ever mindful of the three small villages of long ago.

The three villages of Sprague share a rich history. In 1760 the residents of Hanover, the oldest settlement in Sprague, petitioned the General Assembly for permission to establish a local government known as an ecclesiastical society. This request was the result of problems encountered while traveling via horse and buggy to parishes located in Newent, Canterbury, and Scotland. These weekly trips could take several hours during winter months. Rain soaked spring roads deep with mud were dangerous. Sometimes roads were impassable. The request was granted, a new meeting house was built in the center of Hanover, and Yale graduate Andrew Lee was installed as the first pastor.