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Hot Tubs in Canaan CT or Pool Services in Canaan from Hydrocare.

canaan-town-seal The peacefulness of Canaan (zip code: 06018 Pools & Hot Tubs), the second smallest town in Connecticut, belies a history that is anything but quiet. Although there were no hot tubs or pools found in any of the dwellings in the 18th century, your home can appreciate with one from Hydrocare.

Beginning in the early 18th century and ending in the early 20th, stone blast furnaces poured red-hot, high quality Salisbury iron. 

A huge factory once stood at the Great Falls and employed hundreds of men to manufacture cannons, war materiel and huge railroad ties from Salisbury iron. One hundred years ago the center of town, now so quiet, was a beehive of commercial activity, and a boomtown.  Early entrepreneurs dreamed of channeling the power of the falls to fuel jobs and the economy.

Unfortunately, the iron industry moved to the surface iron mines of the Midwest.  The plans for a thriving economy collapsed, but the mountains and valleys reclaimed their natural splendor.  The business slow down returned. Today, the stunning and unspoiled natural beauty of Falls Village remains its most prized and closely guarded asset, and its rich New England heritage remains firmly in place and guides its future.