Cheshire CT Hot Tubs & Pools Service/Sales

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You found a Pool or Hot Tub in Cheshire CT - HydroCare!

"The bedding plant capital of Connecticut" is also a place to own a swimming pool or hot tub.  HydroCare Pools & Spas services all your Hot Tub and Pool needs.

If you need to open or close your pool, HydroCare can help.
If you need Hot Tub supplies, HydroCare has them at discount prices.
Do you want a new Hot Tub? Call HydroCare

Cheshire is a family-centered town with an excellent school system and exceptional public safety. Cheshire is a great place to raise your children.  And what could be better for the kids than a swimming pool or hot tub?

Cheshire is located in New Haven County with a population of just over 29,000 and close to New Haven and Hartford.

Cheshire was predominantly a rural farming community from its founding in 1870. During the past 50 years, the Town has grown into a residential suburban community - and a perfect place for your hot tub or pool from HydroCare.