Chester CT Hot Tubs & Pools Sales

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You found a Pool or Hot Tub in Chester CT - HydroCare!

Chester CT is a place to own a swimming pool or hot tub.  HydroCare Pools & Spas services all your Hot Tub and Pool needs.

If you need to open or close your pool, HydroCare can help.
Do you want a new Hot Tub? Call HydroCare
If you need Hot Tub supplies, HydroCare has them at discount prices.

Chester is a beautiful rural town with exceptional public safety and schools. Chester is a great place to raise your children. 

Keep your kids happy and fit with a swimming pool or hot tub?

Located on the hillside of the Connecticut River, we have a number of marinas, lakes, hidden streams, cascading waterfalls, thousands of acres of state forest, and hiking trails.  Then after hiking - sooth your muscles in a HydroCare Hot Tub.