East Haven Pool & Spa Services

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<h1>East Haven is a beautiful backdrop for your new pool or spa</h1>

The area now known as East Haven was obtained by Puritan settlers Reverend John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton on November 29, 1638, as part of the purchase of New Haven from Sachem Momauguin of the local Quinnipiack tribe. Additional land, in what is now known as Foxon, was purchased from Chief Montowese on December 11, 1638.

East Haven homeowners enjoy these Hyrdrocare pool services:Hydrocare Pool and Spa for East Haven home owners

Hot Tub Opening / Closing
SwimEx Services
Pool Opening/Closing
Swimming Pool Supplies
Liner Replacements
Tile & Coping Repairs
Sauna Repairs

Along with these Services:

Pool & Spa Maintenance
Spa, Hot Tub & Jetted Bathtub Repair
Equipment Repair
Heater Repair
Season Openings & Closings
Swimex Certified Technicians

Liner Replacement
Sauna Repair
Tile & Coping Repairs

Your East Haven home's value will improve and your family will thank you.