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HydroCare Pools & Spas

Our Mission is to provide quality products and services to a specialized clientele in a low pressure family environment. We will only accept as much business as we can comfortably manage while keeping our core values of quality and personalized service.

Hydrocare is more adapt than our competitors at the many technological advances in the pool and spa industry. This is due to Jonathon DeMichiels 30 plus years of experience. While advanced technology's are wonderful, more importantly, they must match the consumer's needs. Once you take the time to understand the technology you are better suited to make recommendations.

North Canaan CT Hot Tubs, Pools, Saunas, and Service

North Canaan-sealComplete Hot Tub & Pool sales, service and supplies for North Canaan - available from Hydrocare.

North Canaan residents can have complete confidence with us for your next pool or hot tub. 

We have complete sales and service for Saunas, SwimEX swim spa, fountains, pools, and hot tubs.

Improve your home value with discounted prices not discounted service.

Interesting North Canaan Fact: During the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, the dairy industry was active in North Canaan. Farmers brought their milk to the railhead in the center of town where the Borden Milk Factory was located. Milk was processed at the plant and shipped twice a day to New York City.

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