Liner Replacements

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conneticut-pool-ripped-linerSwimming pool liner replacements and refurbishing.
We work on both in ground and above ground.

Some of the pool liner issues we address:

Floating Liner

If you live in an area with high water tables, the water pressure under the pool may cause the liner to float.  In most cases the liner is not damaged, but it causes wrinkles after the ground water recedes.  Call us to help with a dewatering system or a drain and fix.

Metal versus Polymer Walls

Manufacturers started producing metal walls instead of wood walls using galvanized steel panels. These steel panels were a major upgrade from wood, much stronger, and are still used today by many manufacturers. But, it will eventuall oxidize over time under the ground. This is especially true if you use a salt water pool. Every vinyl liner will experience at some point a leak behind the liner itself; meaning pool water is making contact with the pool's panel structure.  We can help you if you find your pool leaking.

Liner Longevity

The biggest concern most pool owners is the longevity of the liner. The average lifespan for a vinyl liner is 8-12 years, but there are certainly cases where they will last less than 5 years or more than 15.   One helpful way to improve the lifespan of you liner is to maintain the water in your pool (i.e. Proper Maintenance of Water Chemistry, & Type of Water Sanitizer)  High levels of chlorine (shock) are tough on a liner, but salt sytems and non chlorine systems are much easier on the liner's life.

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