How much does it cost to replace a swimming pool liner?

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National Average: $1,989

Typical: $898 - $3,083

Economy: $350

High End: $4,350

When should you consider replacing a vinyl pool liner?

Pool liners last between 18 and 20 years.  There are various causes to degrading vinyl liner. Check these signs beforehand to mitigate water loss or other damage. 
  • Liner's Age: Liners loose elacticity as time marches on. The sun and weather, along with the chemicals, wear it down. Pieces of it may fall off above the water line. These need to be replaced by one of our professionals.
  • Incorrect chemicals:  If the water is unbalanced, it can eat away at the pool liner more quickly.  Be sure you are using vinyl-safe chemicals.
  • Installation: Vinyl pool liners are covers and not structural members of your pool. If a liner is installed improperly, they could lead to a void in the warranty because it damages the liner bead or rips.
  • Tears and cuts by objects: Since vinyl liners are soft, they can easily be cut. It's not easy to patch one of these after such an accident, so it's easier to replace than try and patch badly.

By Pool Size (Installation Cost)

The size of the pool is the most siginicant determining factor of installation cost.  From the chart below, you can get a rough estimate for your installation cost.

Pool TypeSizeAverage Cost
above ground 18 ft diameter (round) $600
above ground 10x20 ft $800
in-ground 16x32 ft $2,000
in-ground 20x40 ft $3,500

This is a general guide and not an exact estimation.   Give us a call or contact us for an accurate quote.


Vinyl Pool Liner Basics - Thick is the Trick

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vinyl-liner-replacement-in-a-torrington-residenceWhen looking for a swimming pool vinyl liner replacment, the term "mil" is highlighted. 

So what does the "mil" measurement mean?

Vinyl liner thickness is measured in mils.  Most people think a mil is a millimeter; it is not.  A mil is 1/1000 of an inch (as in a thousandth).   1 millimeter is equivalent to about 39 mils.

Another unit of measurement is the gauge, which actually varies in size from dealer to dealer. If you're shopping for a vinyl liner and it's measured in gauges, ask us for the measurement in mils and we will ensure you get what you need.

Pool Liner Replacement Service

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garrett-pool-liner-manufacturerHydrocare Pools & Spas will repair or replace a ripped or leaking pool liner.

We use Garrett as our vinyl pool liner supplier. 

Garrett Liners has been supplying swimming pool liners sinc 1964.  They have been around longer than any other vinyl pool liner manufactuer - anywhere.  They specialize in pool liners and safety covers for pools - thats all - their focus means you get the best.

Garrett has grown from a small 5000 square feet industrial building in PA to their current state-of-the-art 49,000 square foot facility. They are only one day away from UPS and we are ready to fix your pool in one or two days.

Garrett only uses dealers and Hydrocare Pools & Spas is one of their prime dealers.
  • You have a wide selection of liner patterns in both 20mil and 28mil thicknesses.
  • You get a perfect fit, made possible by skilled service technicians.
  • The material used is top quality U.S.A. or Canadian virgin vinyl.
  • The vinyl is specially formulated with built-in sanitizing agents to inhibit the growth of algae and mildew, and UV inhibitors to help prevent damage from ultraviolet light.
  • You get a Twenty Year Prorated Warranty.
  • Competitive pricing.

Below are some patterns available to you.