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Pool Tile Replacement & Pool Tile Repair

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As your pool ages, it may need tile replacement, repair or re-grouting.

6x6-Gloss-Pool-Tile-Destiny-Oyster-BlueOver time, the grout between tiles will erode from weather and pool chemicals. This is a normal, and just like oil changes in your car, you will need tile repair. 

Normally we can re-grout pool tiles or if necessary we will completly replace the tile on your pool.

The grout wears thin, allowing water to seep behind the tile. When the water freezes it will cause the tile to start falling off. After this happens, it is usually too late to just re-grout the tile, therefore complete tile replacement is necessary.

We advise this work be performed at the time your pool is going to be repainted.  If you have damage to existing paint, it is easier to removel old tiles.

The cost for our service depends on pool size, tile type chosen, and any subsurface repairwork that may be needed.

Please contact us to schedule a visit and an assessment.


Pool Liner Replacement Service

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garrett-pool-liner-manufacturerHydrocare Pools & Spas will repair or replace a ripped or leaking pool liner.

We use Garrett as our vinyl pool liner supplier. 

Garrett Liners has been supplying swimming pool liners sinc 1964.  They have been around longer than any other vinyl pool liner manufactuer - anywhere.  They specialize in pool liners and safety covers for pools - thats all - their focus means you get the best.

Garrett has grown from a small 5000 square feet industrial building in PA to their current state-of-the-art 49,000 square foot facility. They are only one day away from UPS and we are ready to fix your pool in one or two days.

Garrett only uses dealers and Hydrocare Pools & Spas is one of their prime dealers.
  • You have a wide selection of liner patterns in both 20mil and 28mil thicknesses.
  • You get a perfect fit, made possible by skilled service technicians.
  • The material used is top quality U.S.A. or Canadian virgin vinyl.
  • The vinyl is specially formulated with built-in sanitizing agents to inhibit the growth of algae and mildew, and UV inhibitors to help prevent damage from ultraviolet light.
  • You get a Twenty Year Prorated Warranty.
  • Competitive pricing.

Below are some patterns available to you.


Areas We Service

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  • We travel thruout all of Connecticut for spa and sauna repair and into Eastern New York and Southwestern Mass.
  • For Pool repair we focus on Western and Central Ct. and Eastern New York, and Southwestern Mass.
  • On the Swimex product we travel thruout all of New England, We go as far south as New Jersey and as far West as Ohio.

Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance

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commercial-pool-maintenanceSparkling Water Doesn't Happen By Itself

To maintain your Connecituct pool or hot tub, we have programs for weekly/ bi-weekly or longer periods for routine pool and spa maintenance.

These programs include cleaning, equipment service, chemical needs, and overall system check.

Our clients are both residential and commercial.

Whether you care for your pool yourself or use our professional maintainance program, proper pool chemistry and cleanliness will  save money.  Our accurate pool maintenance can do more than just prolong your fun in the sun.  It also extends the life of your pool's external parts and interior pool finish.

Covering all of Conneticut, we can resolve many problems, and with your program, your problems won't occur.  Some of the pool and spa issues can be:
  • Algae
  • Chemical Imbalance
  • General Cleanliness
  • Debris
  • Cover Fading
  • Cover Smell
  • Pool Safety

Certified SwimEx Technicians

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Factory Trained SwimEx technicians.  One of only four technicians in the country. Full service and repair to swimex therapy pools including annual maintenance. There are over 4,000 of these units in the world.  Why hire someone not trained correctly to work on them?

We travel throughout all of New England, as far south as New Jersey and as far west as Ohio - so call if need a SwimEx technician.

One of our most common questions from customers, "how do you install a SwimEx pool?"  Our qualified SwimEx technicians work with you and all those little details. We call it "hassle-free installation."

SwimEx pools can be installed
  • indoors,
  • outdoors,
  • above ground,
  • in-ground, or
  • partially in-ground.
We can also move the pool to its exact location.


Swimming Pool and Spa Heater Repairs

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Pool-heater-repair-professionalsSwimming pool heaters are the most complicated type of pool equipment.

Repairs to pool heaters must be performed by qualified personnel. Gas, solar, electric or oil - Hydrocare repairs any and all types of heaters.

Here is a list of common symptoms and questions:
  • My heater will not ignite.
  • The pilot won't light?
  • Heater won't reach the desired temperature?
  • The heater cycles on and off before it reaches the desired temperature?
  • Why do I need to frequently relight my pilot?
  • I hear "clicking" or "sparking," but my heater will not ignite.
  • The heater is leaking water.
  • The heater appears to leak only when the burner is lit.....
  • Heater top blackened and/or emitting dark exhaust?
  • The heater has damage due to excessive heat. Why?
  • I have rust returning into my pool?
  • My heater makes a whistling noise.
  • What should my heater be installed on?
  • How much fuel does my heater use?
  • How can I save on my heating costs?
From simple small component repair to complete energy efficient system changes and upgrades, contact Hydrocare - servicing all of Connecticut.


Sauna Repairs

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Repairs to all types of saunas including infrared. We work on all brands, makes and models.

sauna-repairHere is a list of the major U.S. Sauna Manufacturers:

  • Almost Heaven Saunas, one of the oldest and most experienced sauna manufacturers in the world.
  • The barrel sauna that is hand made works best as an outdoor sauna or outdoor wood heated sauna or sweat lodge by Superior Cooperage
  • Northern Lights Cedar Saunas manufactures the worlds finest sauna rooms for indoor saunas and outdoor sauna
  • Cedar Brook Sauna We create a truly Nordic sauna and steam experience for American homes and spas. All our saunas are all-American made, superb quality.
  • A Cedrus Sauna produces five to thirty times the infrared of any other sauna on the market.
  • Classic Sauna Products provides the Best Value on Infrared sauna, traditional sauna and Portable Saunas.
  • Coastal Saunas is a leading provider of infrared saunas. Our infra red sauna is the most advanced infrared system in the industry
  • Crystal Sauna Far Infrared Saunas for home use - Carbon Fiber Technology. Will help you lose weight and stay in shape.
  • Divapor - Infrared sauna cabins are becoming an increasingly popular addition to your home due to their many health and relaxation benefits, and affordability
  • Infrared Saunas by East Coast Saunas are rated the best infrared saunas in the US for quality and customer service.
  • Finlandia sells and ships sauna kits, modular saunas, and custom saunas across the country at affordable prices
  • Finnleo is the market leader and has the most complete line of Traditional Finnish Saunas and Far-Infrared Saunas in the industry
  • Gaia Saunas has a wide selection of portable and home saunas at discount prices.

Liner Replacements

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conneticut-pool-ripped-linerSwimming pool liner replacements and refurbishing.
We work on both in ground and above ground.

Some of the pool liner issues we address:

Floating Liner

If you live in an area with high water tables, the water pressure under the pool may cause the liner to float.  In most cases the liner is not damaged, but it causes wrinkles after the ground water recedes.  Call us to help with a dewatering system or a drain and fix.

Metal versus Polymer Walls

Manufacturers started producing metal walls instead of wood walls using galvanized steel panels. These steel panels were a major upgrade from wood, much stronger, and are still used today by many manufacturers. But, it will eventuall oxidize over time under the ground. This is especially true if you use a salt water pool. Every vinyl liner will experience at some point a leak behind the liner itself; meaning pool water is making contact with the pool's panel structure.  We can help you if you find your pool leaking.

Liner Longevity

The biggest concern most pool owners is the longevity of the liner. The average lifespan for a vinyl liner is 8-12 years, but there are certainly cases where they will last less than 5 years or more than 15.   One helpful way to improve the lifespan of you liner is to maintain the water in your pool (i.e. Proper Maintenance of Water Chemistry, & Type of Water Sanitizer)  High levels of chlorine (shock) are tough on a liner, but salt sytems and non chlorine systems are much easier on the liner's life.


Tile and Coping Repairs

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we-fix-broken-pool-tilesIf your pool has broken tiles or coping, Hydrocare can help.

Every 15 - 20 years, a complete re-tile of the pool may be necessary.

Sooner or later, the tile in your inground gunite pool will begin to loosen, and fall off one-by-one.

If you have damaged tiles, if the grouting is falling off, if the mudding is coming undone, we can help.

We do tile and coping refurbishment and replacement on all types of concrete and fiberglass pools.

Pump, Motor, Filter, and Equipment Repairs

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pool-and-spa-repairsConsider us as the handyman for your pool, spa, sauna, SwimEx spa, or most anything aquatic.

Pump, Motor, Filter, and equipment  repairs: From rebuilding and repairing to complete replacement, we access the situation and advise you on any and all alternatives to help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking to automate your sanitation methods we will educate you on all alternatives.

All technologies have pros and con's. 

The question is which one suits your lifestyle.

Pool & Spa Automation

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pool-automation-robotAutomate pool functions and maintenance.

If you are looking to fully automate your pool or spa we can explain the various options.

Most importantly we can educate you on what you truly need vs. items you truly do not.

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