Swimming Pool & Spa Openings / Closing

kids-playing-accessoriesOpening your pool in the Spring?

Includes these services:
  • Remove, clean, and store winter cover
  • Vacuum, brush, and fill pool
  • Start equipment
  • Inspect filter, pump, and heating systems
  • Balance pool water chemistry
  • Install any removed handrails and/or ladders
  • Check condition of maintenance equipment, brushes, nets
  • Recommendations for a safe, fun, efficient swimming season

Hydrocare services all of Conneticut to start your pool season right.

Complete programs tailored to the customer's needs.

We can handle the full process or modify our duties for the consumer who likes to do as much themselves as possible.

Closing your pool in the Fall?

From the first swim to the final lap, Hydrocare pools & Spas is here to help you through the seasons. As winter approaches, our closing service readies your pool for the off-season. Closing a pool can be daunting, but we are here to help!

These are some of the closing services you may request:
  • Remove all leaves and debris from the pool
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Backwash the filter system
  • Lower water to the appropriate level
  • Test water and add wintering chemicals as needed
  • Drain pump and heater
  • Plug returns and skimmers
  • Remove and store deck equipment (ladders, handrails, etc…)
  • Inspect and Install the winter cover
  • Blow off pool deck area and equipment pad

Contact us to schedule your opening or your closing.

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