Pool Tile Replacement & Pool Tile Repair

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As your pool ages, it may need tile replacement, repair or re-grouting.

Check around your swimming pool for these signs:
  • Tile is falling off?
  • Tile has white deposits?
  • Pool tile is cracked?
  • Pool tile is dirty and dull?

Over time, the grout between tiles will erode from weather and pool chemicals. This is a normal, and just like oil changes in your car, you will need tile repair. 

Normally we can re-grout pool tiles or if necessary we will completly replace the tile on your pool.

The grout wears thin, allowing water to seep behind the tile. When the water freezes it will cause the tile to start falling off. After this happens, it is usually too late to just re-grout the tile, therefore complete tile replacement is necessary.

We advise this work be performed at the time your pool is going to be repainted.  If you have damage to existing paint, it is easier to removel old tiles.

The cost for our service depends on pool size, tile type chosen, and any subsurface repairwork that may be needed.

Please contact us to schedule a visit and an assessment.