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Exercises for your shoulder in a SwimEX pool

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Rotator Cuff Exercises

Letting injuries heal often means inactivity.  Most injuries must heal completely before returning to a work-out routine, compete in a game, or resume normal use. So how can you stay in shape during injury recovery? Hydrotherapy treatments using hydrocare's SwimEX pool keep you conditioned so you're ready to play as soon as you're healed.

Shoulder dislocation is a common injury, for athletes and active individuals. Water's buoyancy creates a non-weight bearing environment to exercise with less stress on joints and muscles. In addition, hydrostatic pressure supports muscles during exercise.

This rotator cuff treatment plan includes a step-by-step hydrotherapy progression with exercises from initial evaluation through 26 weeks post-op. Exercises include pendulums, walkaways, scapular retraction, and more. The goal is to use the benefits of aquatic therapy to heal, stay conditioned, and then transition to land-based treatments.

For more information and other exercise ideas, SwimEx (a world leader in hydrotherapy pools, swim spas and plunge pools) has a hydrotherapy resource center loaded with tips and exercises.

SwimEx Service

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With over 25 years of experience, we are one of the oldest and most experienced SwimEx installation, repair, and maintenance company in the country.

We travel throughout all of New England, as far south as New Jersey and as far west as Ohio - so call if need a SwimEx technician..

SwimEx home swim spas are available in six models to fit into your home and lifestyle. All of our swim in place pools feature our unique paddlewheel propulsion system. This system creates a smooth water flow as wide as the pool and up to 30" (76cm) deep - no matter where you are in the swim spa, you get the same, even resistance. Whether you're looking for a lap pool or a swimspa for aquatic exercise or aquatic therapy, SwimEx is the answer!

The portable, rechargeable Stream* turns any pool into a current pool, providing hours of strong, smooth current for swim, exercise and play. No installation is necessary. Just roll the Stream to the pool edge, push a button, and watch its striking technology take over. The battery-powered Stream deploys itself smoothly and swiftly for perfect current.

The SwimEx Advantage

Fits About Anywhere

SwimEx swim spas require little space
  • Approximately 200-240 sq. ft. (18.6 -22.3 sq. m.)
  • Dimensions are approximately 18 ft. by 7 ft. 6 in. (5.5m by 2.3m)
  • Standard pit area is 20 ft. by 12 ft. (6.1m by 3.66m)
  • SwimEx Luxury Swimming Pools differ mainly in depth
SwimEx Pool Exercise Benefits
  • Offer a complete aquatic exercise workout
  • 0 to 30,000 gallons per minute (113,562 lpm) water flow
  • Smooth, laminar counter-current flow
  • Treat injuries easier with aquatic therapy due to the buoyancy of water
  • Progress your pool exercise through different depths
  • Exercise can extend into a full range of training