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Our Mission is to provide quality products and services to a specialized clientele in a low pressure family environment. We will only accept as much business as we can comfortably manage while keeping our core values of quality and personalized service.

Hydrocare is more adapt than our competitors at the many technological advances in the pool and spa industry. This is due to Jonathon DeMichiels 30 plus years of experience. While advanced technology's are wonderful, more importantly, they must match the consumer's needs. Once you take the time to understand the technology you are better suited to make recommendations.

Swimming Pool and Spa Heater Repairs in Torrington

conneticut-pool-repair-heaterSwimming pool heaters are the most complicated type of pool equipment.

Here is a list of common symptoms for your Torrington heater and some questions:
  • Why do I need to frequently relight my pilot?
  • I hear "clicking" or "sparking," but my heater will not ignite.
  • The heater is leaking water.
  • The heater appears to leak only when the burner is lit.....
  • Heater top blackened and/or emitting dark exhaust?
  • The heater has damage due to excessive heat. Why?
  • I have rust returning into my pool?
  • My heater makes a whistling noise.
  • What should my heater be installed on?
  • My heater will not ignite.
  • The pilot won't light?
  • Heater won't reach the desired temperature?
  • The heater cycles on and off before it reaches the desired temperature?
  • How much fuel does my heater use?
  • How can I save on my heating costs?

Heating your pool keeps it available to your family and friends early in the season and a bit longer in the fall.  Swimming Pool and Spa heaters  are the most complicated piece of equipment. The device is a number of moving parts with gas or electricity as the heat source. Treat it as you would a home heating system with regular maintenance and checkups.
Repairs to pool heaters must be performed by qualified personnel. Gas, solar, electric or oil - Hydrocare repairs any and all types of heaters.

From simple small component repair to complete energy efficient system changes and upgrades, contact Hydrocare - servicing all of Connecticut.

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