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Our Mission is to provide quality products and services to a specialized clientele in a low pressure family environment. We will only accept as much business as we can comfortably manage while keeping our core values of quality and personalized service.

Hydrocare is more adapt than our competitors at the many technological advances in the pool and spa industry. This is due to Jonathon DeMichiels 30 plus years of experience. While advanced technology's are wonderful, more importantly, they must match the consumer's needs. Once you take the time to understand the technology you are better suited to make recommendations.

Pool Tile Repair Near Torrington CT

Torrington-pool-tile-repairHydrocare can help if you need broken pool tiles.

Eventually the tiles in your inground pool will begin to loosen, and fall off one-by-one.

We can help with damaged tiles, loosening grouting and if the mudding is coming undone.

Hydrocare can repair your tile and coping.  We can also replace and refurbish all types of concrete and fiberglass pools.

How Did The Simming Pool Tile Damage Occur?

Cracked or missing tiles in swimming pools and spas usually indicates a problem.  Tiles can of course fall off because of age, but it may be due to:
  • Inadequate drainage
  • The original bond beam not having been properly prepped to accept the trim
  • Expansive soil conditions
  • Ground movement
  • Degraded adhesion and bon from moisture between the grout and concrete
  • Cracked decking
Before repairing, reattaching or replacing broken pool or spa tiles, it's important to determine why the damage occurred in the first place. If there's a serious underlying problem that needs to be addressed, repairing the tiles won't fix it. You will want to contact us and use our years of experience to quickly find the problem.

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