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Winterize Your Torrington Hot Tub


Winterizing a hot tub involves preparing it for a period of non-use, especially during freezing conditions. Properly winterizing your hot tub can prevent damage to the tub and its components. Here's a step-by-step guide to winterizing a hot tub:

1. Turn Off the Power

  • Make sure to turn off the power at the circuit breaker to ensure safety.

2. Drain the Hot Tub

  • Remove the drain plug, or use a submersible pump to drain the water.
  • Ensure you direct the water away from your home's foundation or any sensitive plants, as the water may contain chemicals.

3. Clean the Hot Tub

  • After draining, wipe down the interior to remove any lingering debris or residue.
  • Clean the filters. Consider either soaking them in a cleaning solution or replacing them if they're old.

4. Blow Out the Jets and Lines

  • Using a wet/dry shop vacuum, blow air through the tub's jets and equipment to remove any residual water. This is crucial because water left in the lines can freeze and cause damage.
  • Make sure to blow out both the air and water lines.

5. Remove and Clean the Filter(s)

  • Take out the filter cartridges.
  • Clean them thoroughly and let them dry. Store them indoors during the winter.

6. Loosen or Disconnect Fittings

  • Loosen fittings on pumps and heaters to allow any remaining water to expand without causing damage if it freezes.

7. Protect the Equipment Compartment

  • Open the equipment compartment to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate. This will help prevent mildew and mold growth.
  • Consider placing moisture absorber packets inside the compartment to reduce humidity.

8. Secure the Cover

  • Clean and condition the hot tub cover.
  • Place the cover on the hot tub and secure it. Ensure it fits tightly, so no debris or snow can enter the tub.
  • If you have a safety strap or additional winter cover, use it for added protection.

9. Add Antifreeze (Optional)

  • If you're in an area with extreme cold, you might consider adding non-toxic, plumbing-safe antifreeze to the pipes. Make sure it's safe for spas and hot tubs.
  • Pour the antifreeze into the pipes, but remember to flush the system thoroughly before using the tub again.

10. Store Accessories Indoors

  • Any removable items, like steps, filters, or digital control panels, should be stored indoors to protect them from winter conditions.

11. Periodic Checks

  • Throughout the winter, periodically check your hot tub cover for heavy snow accumulation, which can damage the cover. Brush off any significant snow buildup.

12. Consider a Professional

Remember, if you decide not to winterize your hot tub, it's essential to ensure that it remains operational and the water keeps circulating throughout the winter to prevent freezing damage.

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