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Hydrocare is more adapt than our competitors at the many technological advances in the pool and spa industry. This is due to Jonathon DeMichiels 30 plus years of experience. While advanced technology's are wonderful, more importantly, they must match the consumer's needs. Once you take the time to understand the technology you are better suited to make recommendations.

Winterize Your Torrington Spa in Torrington CT

Snow-Hot-Tub-Open-Air-350x234If you decide not to use your hot tub during the winter months because the tub is too far from the house, utility costs or perhaps it is in your vacation home.

Whatever the reason, if you do not want your hot tub operating this time of year & you live in a cold climate, you will need to winterize it or else the water will freeze and the expansion of the water as it turns into ice will destroy your tub.

Drain Your Hot Tub Water

Turn off all power to your hot tub at the breaker or, if it is a gfci plug in hot tub, unplug it from the outlet, coil up the power cord and wrap the gfci plug in plastic then place it inside the equipment compartment.

If your hot tub has a drain valve (all Freeflows do) simply open it up and drain all the water out of the spa. If not, use a submersible sump pump or siphon. Make sure you lower the drain hose at or below the lowest level of water in the hot tub to be sure it all drains out.  If you have a blower, this would be a good time to temporarily reconnect the power and turn it on for 20-30 seconds to blow out any water. When you are done draining your hot tub, leave the drain spout open.

Dry Excess Water

If you have some water left in the foot well, recessed seating areas, filter cavity or anywhere else, make sure to get it out with a bucket and or sop it up with towels or a large sponge.

Release Water From The Equipment Compartment

Inside your equipment compartment it is important to loosen and release the water from your heating element and pump housing. The large plastic white unions that attach your heater and pump(s) to the rest of the hot tub should be loosened until some water spills out. If your pump housing has drain plugs on them, open them up.

Close the Air Venturi Valves

Next, close or turn off any air venturi valves. Since your system will still have some residual water in it, it is a good idea to use the blowing end of a shop vacuum and blow air into all of the jets in your hot tub for a few seconds at each jet and also the opening to the filter (filter should be removed).

Seal Your Hot Tub and Turn off Power

Most of the water should now be out of your system. Place your cover back on the hot tub and secure it so that it will not blow off in high winds. Close your equipment compartment and re-attach any screws or latches. Lastly, make sure the power to the tub is turned off at the house breaker.

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